Steps To Opening A Frozen Yoghurt Shop

To make their frozen yoghurt dream business work, a frozen yoghurt entrepreneur needs to consider a wide range of aspects:

Step 01
1st Step - Research 
Do your homework! 

Do as much research as you can. Understand the industry, who the competitors are and start thinking of where you would like to open your shop. Think about how you will finance the investment too. Start looking at real estate websites to see if there are any sites available in the area of your interest.

Step 02
2nd Step – Operation concept 

Once you have done your research and decided to open your shop, the next critical decision you need to make is which storefront concept you will have. Click here for more information.

Step 03
3rd Step – Select and secure your location 

This step is crucial as it will define the space you will have available and who your clientele will be. Now you have your site, you can also research and apply for local licences, if required.

Step 04
4th Step – Order equipment and frozen yoghurt supplies 

Book a product demonstration with one of our frozen yoghurt experts. They will be able to tailor advice for you in terms of the right equipment you will require. They would also help you decide which frozen yoghurt bases, flavourings and toppings will best suit your clientele.

Step 05
5th Step – Shop fitting 

Time to focus on your store design and start the shop fitting.

Step 06
6th Step - Promotion 

While you shop fitting is being done, make the final tweaks to your menu and start promotion. Let everyone know when you shop opening will be. See other useful marketing tips on our 10 top tips for the frozen yoghurt entrepreneur.

Step 07
7th Step - Opening

The day has finally arrived! Make sure you get the media, local businesses and most importantly customers joining you for your shop opening. We recommend you to do a soft opening beforehand just to make sure everything is working as it should and your staff is ready to welcome the crowd. See other useful tips on our 10 Top tips for the frozen yoghurt entrepreneur