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Choosing the right suppliers can be a daunting process for anyone branching out on their own. Frosty Boy has the widest variety of frozen yoghurt blends available in the market.

Through our expansive network of global operations we are able to offer international and domestic distribution networks as well as solution packages including equipment and finance.  All this and more makes Frosty Boy the perfect partner to help you succeed in your Frozen Yoghurt enterprise.

We keep your clients coming back for more!

We conduct ongoing research into industry trends and behaviours to bring you the very best for your business.

To help you stand out from the crowd, Frosty Boy offers a huge variety of options allowing you to cater for a broad customer base.

Our range includes varieties such as:

  • sugar reduced
  • added protein
  • stevia
  • kosher certified
  • our signature variety in two profiles - tart and mild

Make the most out of your investment!

Our frozen yoghurt bases come ready to mix with water. Unlike other products in the market, Frosty Boy bases already contain milk, probiotics and prebiotics so there is no need for you to add them later. Each base simply requires water only for reconstitution. Keep your operation costs low and ensure product consistency every single time while maintaining a creative, high-quality, authentic and delicious frozen yoghurt product.

Our team has carefully selected a range of quality equipment and related products such as flavourings and toppings to offer you a complete product solution that suits your specific business requirements. Our strong connections with finance companies enable us to offer you several options to finance your equipment.

Contact us to organise a meeting with one of our experts, book a product demonstration or arrange a personalised factory tour. Our highly experienced personnel are able to tailor advice to best suit your business needs.


All our frozen yoghurt bases are made in Australia. They all are made of the finest ingredients available. They all contain milk and probiotics. All our blends are from 97% to 99% fat free and contain only natural colours. They do not contain preservatives. 

Even though they all contain the Frosty Boy goodness, they also differ in a few aspects as they’ve been created to cater for different markets. You will find specific bases in our range that meet the following specific needs:

Dietary requirements and lifestyles – sugar reduced and added protein.
Flavour profiles - tart, mild and traditional sweet flavour.
Budgets - Monalisa is our premium blend, however we also have other more economical yet high quality blends.

The produced overrun is one of the main differences between gravity and pump machines. Pump machines will produce up to 50 or 60% overrun whereas with gravity machines the overrun will be between 30 and 40%.

Consequently, a pump machine will give you a 30% more output capacity.

For more information, see What is overrun?
Three-phase machines will always use less power and have less chance of electrical failure when compared with single phase machines. The end result being less expensive to operate than single phase in terms of power consumption, parts and service requirements.

Single-phase motors require extra electrical components, generally a start capacitor, a run capacitor and an electrical switching relay to assist in both starting the motor and running the motor. These additional components will eventually wear out causing motor start/run failure and can be even more troublesome when on a generator supply.

The rate of wear and tear leading to component failure is magnified by the number of starts and stops created each time product is drawn by a customer.

For instance, a given customer (a local yoghurt shop in Australia that has 6 x three-phase units) was showing average draw counts of 60 to 70 per 8 hours on one barrel. This means the compressor started and stopped the same number of times the handle was drawn. Multiply this by 7 days, and you have approximately 4,000 starts in one week.  Multiplied by the number of trading days per year, this equals a tremendous amount of a motor workout. 

The relay can fail causing a domino effect blowing the start and or run capacitor as well, leaving the machine unable to operate any further.

Three-phase motors do not use any starting electrics at all. No additional parts means less chance of breakdown and loss of customer sales as a result. This is the main reason why the largest chains in the world have always historically purchased Three-phase equipment wherever possible. Less chance of equipment breakdown combined with increased reliability translates into happy customers and good business!

Three–phase motors generally run cooler meaning they are more efficient. Three-phase motors draw less amperage or current, again supporting the fact that three-phase motors are more efficient than single phase motors. See the example below.

Motor example for both calculations is based on a 1Hp, 230V motor:

Single-phase motor is rated 8 amps. 230V x 8A = 1840 watts.

Three-phase motor is rated 3.6 amps. 230V x 3.6A x square root of 3 = 1434 watts.

So, at full load, the three-phase motor uses 22% less power to do the same work = lowest cost of operation!
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Since my first meeting I was able to connect with the Frosty Boy team. Innovation and forward thinking is important to them as much as to me”
- Melbourne based Entrepreneur

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