Find here answer for the most common questions about Frosty Boy Frozen Yoghurt

If you think you product doesn’t taste or look right, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are following the Cleaning and Sanitising procedure. See Cleaning and sanitising procedure.
2. Check you are following the recommended storage steps. See Can I store pre-prepared soft serve / frozen yoghurt mix?
3. Check you have followed the mixing instructions for your product. Please refer to the product website / mixing instructions tab. Click here to select product.
4. If you have completed the previous three steps and still haven’t found the possible cause of your problem, please record the following details from your product package: date of manufacture, best-before date, lot/batch code, time and product code
5. Contact your Frosty Boy distributor or Business Development Manager and provide them with those details and an explanation of why you think your product is subnormal.