Endless Possibilities

Frozen yoghurt is so versatile that can be used to prepare a range of products to cater your customers. Frozen yoghurt is also very flexible for you to adjust  your  menu  to your clientele’s preferences or throughout the year to reflect changing  seasons.


Recipe variations:

Change from the base! Most of our frozen yoghurt bases allow you to modify the ratios to create your own interpretation of the true yoghurt master-taste. You can add extra yoghurt, lemon/lime juice or adjust the amount of liquid with a combination of water, milk, pouring cream and cultured buttermilk. Ask us for our recipe variation suggestions for your specific blend.


Flavoured frozen yoghurt:

Flavouring the frozen yoghurt is the easiest way to add a twist to your menu. You can flavour your frozen yoghurt with more than 40 flavours available – all Australian made. You can also use natural fruit juice or fruit pastes to flavour it. Just ensure fruit juice does not contain any lumps, seeds or pips to avoid machine damage.

Presentation options:

Your imagination is the limit! Here are some ideas of how to present frozen yoghurt to your customers: