Superfoods for your Frozen Yoghurt

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Superfoods for your Frozen  Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt has been labelled the healthy alternative when craving a sweet frozen treat and with the addition of popular fruits, it becomes a cup of full goodness. A number of frozen yoghurt blends are created with the same probiotics found in normal yoghurt, along with the natural tart flavour. While frozen yoghurt can be flavoured by flavouring syrups and sachets, it is the popular natural frozen yoghurt that works best in creating a frozen yoghurt treat topped off with popular toppings and sauces. However with the emphasis on healthy eating and making the right diet choices, customers are looking at more specific and health orientated toppings. Any frozen yoghurt treat is better enjoyed when it is topped off with a number of superfoods, which don’t just taste delicious but also hold a number of health benefits. Whether it is using these foods to add some flavour to the natural yoghurt taste or serve as toppings, each superfood brings its own benefits and daily dose of fruit to each serve.

Green Tea
Most commonly used as a flavour of Frozen Yoghurt rather than a topping. A powerful flavour due to its antioxidants which has proven to help detoxify the body, slow the aging process and assist in weight loss.

One of the most popular flavours of frozen yoghurt and a traditional topping, strawberries are not only delicious but also has a number of health benefits on offer.

Chia Seeds
Slowly becoming a household ingredient, Chia Seeds are small but are one of the most nutritious superfoods. Each one is packed full of antioxidants, protein and amino acids, vitamin A, B & E, essential minerals and fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6. Chia Seeds are proven to be one of the mightiest superfoods.

Dried Dates
A perfect treat on its own, Dates include a healthy dose of potassium, iron, Vitamin A1, C, B1 and copper as well as being naturally high in fibre.

Goji Berries
Part of the berry family, Goji Berries are rich with vitamin C –having 500 times more per ounce than oranges. They are also a perfect source of Vitamin A, B1, B2 B6 & E as well as being an excellent antioxidant.

Kiwi Fruit
Packed full of all the things the body loves – Kiwi fruits are full of folate, potassium, fibre, carotenoids, polyphenols and pectin. As well as being a rich source of Vitamin C, they are also an unexpected source of Vitamin E.

A perfect treat that is full of nutrients while only offering a small amount of carbohydrates – perfect for a low-carb diet. Almonds serve as an excellent source of Vitamin E, manganese, magnesium and other antioxidant powers.

A perfect source of Vitamin C and more provide more protein than most dried fruit. Incaberries are worth their weight in healthy goodness, packed full with dietary fibre, antioxidants and potassium.

Dried Figs
Along with being a delicious and abundant source if natural fibre, Figs are loaded with vitamins A & B, antioxidants, calcium, iron, manganese, sodium and potassium.

Acai Berries
Rapidly becoming one of the most recognised superfoods, Acai Berries are one of the most nutrient rich foods around. Rich fibre and heart healthy fats, Acai Berries have more antioxidant content than any commonly eaten berry.

Another popular frozen yoghurt flavour – Pineapple is full of vitamin C and fibre that boosts your immune system, as well as being rich in bromelain.

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