Forget the popcorn, curl up with a frozen yogurt

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Forget the popcorn, curl up with a frozen yogurt
MOVE over popcorn, frozen yoghurt is Warwick’s new favourite movie snack.

As of this week Video Ezy Warwick is doing more than movies, with the opening of its brand new frozen yogurt stand.

Owner Jeff Clark said he was inspired to add the health conscious stand after he attended a Video Ezy conference in Sydney.

“A lot of stores had paired with Cold Rock, but we decided to go for yogurt after we saw how popular it was down there,” he said.

“We have a fair bit of room to work with so thought it would be perfect here”.

At 98% fat free, Mr Clark expects his new sweet treat to be extremely popular with local health nuts.

“Well if you are looking for something a bit healthy we have the fruit flavours and fruit mix-ins but if you like chocolate like me you can just do that as well,” he said.

With seven flavours available, three ice-cream and four frozen yogurt, Video Ezy has a flavour for everyone.

Mr Clark, a fan of the mix-ins recommends mango yogurt with added Turkish delight, Cherry Ripe, Jaffas and Maltsters.

According to Mr Clark opening the cold treat department on the brink of winter was all part of the plan.

“Winter is our highest traffic time, so while we aren’t expecting many to buy frozen yogurt in the cold we do want to get people used to the idea and hand out a few taste tests,” Mr Clark said.

Now open till 10pm, Video Ezy also offers smoothies and fresh juices.


Most ‘Greek yogurt’ is actually just regular yogurt with thickeners such as corn starch.

Huey Lewis delivered yogurt before he got his big break.

In 2006, a woman attending Wimbledon had a tub of yogurt confiscated because the manufacturer of her yogurt was a competitor of the official yogurt brand of Wimbledon.

United States Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is nicknamed the “Frozen Yogurt Justice” because she helped bring a frozen yogurt machine to the Supreme Court’s cafeteria.

Yogurt can help relieve sunburn.

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