10 Top Tips For Frozen Yoghurt Entrepreneurs

To make their frozen yoghurt dream business work, a frozen yoghurt entrepreneur needs to consider a wide range of aspects:

Step 01

Research is the key to success for any entrepreneur! Talk to suppliers, landlords and frozen yoghurt lovers to give you an initial idea of what it’s all about.

Step 02

Get quotes for equipment and shop fittings. These will be the largest components of your initial investment. Prepare a budget and plan how you will finance it.

Step 03

Start looking for the perfect location to establish your dream business concept. The success of your business will depend largely on your location.

Step 04

The frozen yoghurt product is what will keep your customers coming back for more and establish your brand in the long term. Ask your potential suppliers for a product demonstration. Ensure you get the highest quality product - don’t settle for less. Flexibility, range of options and customer service are key factors to consider too when selecting your supplier.

Step 05

Select your equipment according to your specific needs. Ask the experts for advice to help you identify which machine is best for your business. You don’t want to have high capacity machines underused or low capacity equipment that doesn’t keep up on a busy day.

Step 06

Your store and your customer experience should be unique. Work on your menu, shop design and brand identity. Keep in mind how you will differentiate yourself from other stores. Ask yourself, ‘What’s my unique value proposition?’

Step 07

Air clearance for your machines is an important part of your store design. Improper ventilation will prevent your machines from working properly and can even lead to an early death of your equipment.

Step 08

Design your menu carefully. Give some thoughts to your menu ideas;undertake market research to help identify popular flavours and toppings. Keep in mind, the key words: high quality and presentation.

Step 09

Invest in marketing. You have done all the hard work so far, now you need to let people know about your store. Set up a good website and run social media campaigns. Whatever your marketing tool, make sure you get people talking about your shop.

Step 10

A soft opening will give you the opportunity to fine-tune details that are only evident once you have started operations. It will also give your staff some time to get used to the machines and make themselves familiar preparing the frozen yoghurt.